We are your Maritime connectivity and communication partner, we provide global wireless connectivity in Ports and territorial waters.

We develop and build smart and affordable carrier grade solutions for Ports, terminals or for on vessels

We select the best connectivity deal on behalf of clients and users!

<h3><b><p style="color: #151b54">What we do</b><h3 />

What we do


Port-WiFi is a data connectivity partner for the Maritime industry and is a company that is passionately focused on the professional development and implementation of smart tailor made connectivity solutions for the maritime and related industry.

We build carrier grade WiFi networks that helps ease network congestion and improve the quality of service for customers.

High- or Low Density 

We “expand” the network coverage,  in areas with poor cellular coverage.

Port-WiFi box

We also offer a hybrid system that improves the connectivity on board ships in territorial waters or during port stay. Our system can be expanded with different applications.

It will demonstrably lower costs, increase efficiency and enhance productivity. It will also improve crew welfare substantially and a happy crew is a good working crew.

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User Experience!

The expression of an user says more then a thousand words.

Just to prove the speed we did a test with a live stream onboard a vessel.

See it in action
<h3><b><p style="color: #151b54">User Experience!</b><h3 />

WiFi in port

Why choose for expensive connections when you are in Port or for anchor. Use Port-WiFi and experience the benefits. It gives you the experience like everywhere else!


Limitless Options

Due to our fast and safe connection, we are ready for the future of shipping! ARE YOU?

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