What we do

Port-WiFi is a data connectivity partner for the Maritime industry and is a company that is passionately focused on the implementation of embedded systems, connectivity and network solutions.

Building Networks

We build carrier grade Fiber, LTE and WiFi networks for Ports, industry 4.0, on rigs or vessels.

Global connectivity

We provide global wireless connectivity for vessels and rigs in territorial waters and in Ports.


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User experience

The expression of an user says more than a thousand words.

Just to prove the stability of the network and connection we did a test with a live HD stream onboard a vessel.

See it in action
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Smart Port

The Industry of Ports is conservative and worldwide all the Ports are struggling with the same problems. Blackspots, bad signal and package loss is still a big issue.  The need to evolve and become “smart” is even more paramount today with the changing demands of global trade, goods are moving faster, The development of autonomous ships is the next step “ a revolution”. Ports must complement their physical operations with digital processes.

This means that the network infrastructure needs to be up to par. But that’s the problem. Internet Service Providers (ISP) are more concentrating on smart cities. Existing communications technologies is an optimum way for ships to connect when their in the range of land base stations and systems.  


Global Connectivity

Through carefully selected partners we also provide SIM connectivity in every country on 2G/3G/4G, with worldwide multi-network coverage, on LTE-M/Cat-M1 wherever available and on a growing number of NB-IoT networks. The infrastructure that we use is 5G ready.


for the entire world. No need for numerous technical integrations and commercial agreements with mobile networks in multiple countries. And we can guarantee you multiple networks in every country.

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