About Us

Dedicated team


We have a dedicated team to ensure good communication for the maritime industry, enabling ships and crewmembers to enjoy connectivity like everywhere else. Access to the internet enables new levels of connectivity in a world where people, services and devices need to interact seamlessly. Our team understands this need and therefore we developed our own hybrid modular system, so the vessel becomes “SMART”.

Meet the team

Port-WiFi has been made possible by its forward-thinking team. Meet the team that continue to pioneer Port-WiFi’s pervasive, multi-frequency wireless solutions to meet evolving maritime customer requirements


Guido J.J. van Katwijk – CEO & Founder

In 2017 Guido van Katwijk founded Port-WiFi. During is time as an area manager for Seven Seas Group he noticed the lack of connectivity and therefore the work efficiency on board vessels. From that point he decided to find an affordable solution for this problem.



Stefan Lambrechts – CTO – Hardware & WiFi

For more then ten years Stefan runs a privately owned WiFi network throughout Belgium.




Bart Vander Aerschot – COO

Bart is a very dedicated member of the company, providing excellent end detailed service to our customers. Mature in handling people issues, both with customers as colleagues.