The digitalization of shipping has started. Its re-shaping the maritime industry and increasing opportunities for development and innovation within shipping. The shipping industry is very important, very traditional, very manual and very complex. The rapid growth of digitalization is challenging traditional ship operating practices, and changing the roles and responsibilities of the shipping industry’s 1.5 million seafarers dramatically.

Smart Ports

Realizing the smart port, and the core for this is connectivity. Each asset inside and outside a port, including ships, cranes, cargo, etcetera, is well-connected through  smart devices. Currently, there are many blank connectivity spots in and around ports around the world. Dominant ISPs do not think it is relevant, and are therefore not inclined to solve this problem. We do not only think that it is important, we also think it is a necessity. Our company builds carrier-grade WiFi networks, starting in Belgium and gradually through Europe.


Shipping a perfect industry for disruption?!

Providing digital opportunities for shipping and related transport and supply chain infrastructure. This means that shipping companies need to transfer a lot more data than there used to. This means that they need quicker and affordable connectivity.

                                                This is where we can help!

Maritime connectivity partner

We are a connectivity partner for the maritime industry. Why use expensive connectivity in Port or territorial waters?  These areas are a good place for shipowners to offload bigger quantities of data. There are a lot more affordable options available than is being used nowadays.

 Not anymore!

Use Port-WiFi’s connectivity and you will experience normal speeds with good security and affordable pricing!