Seafarers serve for long intervals at Sea. An average of 6 to 9 months per time. This means that crew members can feel isolated from their families and friends. Today’s crew is more and more expecting broadband internet on board, so they can stay in contact through social media and or download or stream movies, series or other content. A post on our Facebook page a seafarer says; ” Now we can easily communicate with our loved ones. See our family our children and after finishing off the daily work when we can relax we can have access to this internet and get ourselves mentally and spiritually relaxed after seeing and talking to our loved ones“.

Whatever the requirements big or small, we can provide a tailor made solution for your needs.

Connectivity a basic right

The United Nations recently suggested that access to the internet should be a basic right, rather than a luxury, and so seafarers are simply not being afforded the same human rights as the rest of the population. More recently the United Nations Human Rights Council recently passed  a resolution calling unfettered internet access a basic human right.

Seafarer’s Connectivity

The biggest barriers to connectivity are cost and the fear that crews  will look  at things they shouldn’t. We would like to explain the benefits and relative costs, as well as dispersing any misconceptions  about online access.

Port-WiFi intentions is to change these misconceptions!




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