Global connectivity

Currently, a tidal wave of technological innovation & integration is pushing industries and businesses to transform themselves in an effort to become more data, and insight-driven. The port industry is no exception.

As ships become more digitalised and depend upon data connectivity to function at their fullest, it will take crew that are fully versed in the latest technologies to maximise their vessel’s operational potential. Revolutionary concepts plus the evolution and advancement of existing platforms are providing unparalleled growth opportunities for shipping.

But achieving digital success requires knowledge and understanding, and an ability to drive your company’s digital thinking and transformation rather than be driven by it. But above all digital success requires more then ever higher speeds against affordable pricing for connectivity!

As part of this fast evolving market, you need centrally managed connectivity for your IoT devices deployed across various geographies.

In a fast growing digital world, the Internet of Things (IoT) is expanding rapidly, and is expected to reach 18 billion connected devices by 2022. Connectivity is a key enabler of the IoT, allowing your devices to exchange information with centralised IoT applications.

Our IOT platform provides you with the following:

▪ Data, SMS or voice communications with the IoT devices: end-to-end cellular and fix connectivity between your fleet of IoT devices (equipped with SIM cards) and your IoT business application (examples are : asset tracking, predictive maintenance, ).
▪ SIM cards dedicated to IoT fitting machines’ environment to securely stored mobile IoT device’s information.
▪ Web-based IoT connectivity management tools (via web-portal or API) to centrally managed cellular lines of IoT devices.
▪ Worldwide coverage: Port-WiFi cellular network partners enhanced by alliance of operators and roaming agreements


One sim, One platform, One partner for the entire world. No need for numerous technical integrations and commercial agreements with mobile networks in multiple countries. And we can guarantee you multiple networks in every country.