With LoRa  all kinds of things can talk to the Internet without having to use 3G or Wi-Fi. The battery power is low, the range is high and the bandwidth is limited. Either way: perfect for the internet of things. Through this network, wireless sensors / actors can be communicated through which there are many new applications that can be developed at low cost.

LoRa stands for long range and is a specification for a wide-area network (wan). It is intended for devices that do not require an Internet connection constantly, but occasionally what data should pass. The network has a range of between 2.5 and 15 kilometers per tower. The internet speed is between 0.3 and 50 kbit / s and the battery lasts very long.

The technology provides secure two-way communication, mobility and location services. It promises seamless interoperability between smart things without the need for all kinds of complex installations. Due to the low power consumption, low cost to other technologies and the ability to set up own secure networks, LoRa network (wan) can be accelerator for the internet or things (IoT).

LoRa is particularly suitable for autonomous shipping and logistics. A random company has numerous specific applications that are often unrelated to each other. With LoRa, companies have a good opportunity to bring together countless IoT applications at an affordable rate.