Smart Ports

Smart Port & Terminal workflow optimisation

Digital transformation of all industries is coming very quickly. Terminal operations are no exception. As part of a vital link in today’s industrial supply chains, it will become table stakes for future ports to have digital awareness and management of everything passing through them in real time. Automation and autonomous technologies will find new roles in terminal operations just as they are being employed in many other areas of the economy. To achieve the fully digital terminal with the current mix of wired and wireless communications technologies will increase complexity, create more points of failure and additional operational costs associated with managing and securing the separate networks. At some point, the additional communications burden associated with supporting new applications may prove a barrier to further digital evolution. Today, 4.9G/LTE industrial-grade wireless and, in the future, 5G can provide the communications platform for the full digital transformation of terminal operations. From low-powered sensors and RF-based location-based services (LBS) to high-capacity mobile video remote-controlled cranes and straddle shuttle carriers, it is possible to support the terminal from vessel to truck or train. This single, highly secure network reduces complexity, speeds the deployment of new applications and can be the platform for employing sophisticated analytics to create an aggregate digital model of the entire operation for better risk management and workflow optimisation.

terminal worflow optimisation

Enabling smarter terminal operations As we look further into the future, Industry 4.0 applications will continue to digitally transform terminal operations. Along with automation and remote-control applications, there is also the possibility of predictive asset maintenance and end-to-end management of all operational processes based on realtime data and sophisticated workflow management.

But which technologies and infrastructure are required to build a smart port?

It will all start with a good connectivity infrastructure. This is in an issue for all the ports worldwide.  This is why we are specialised in offering smart tailor made connectivity solutions for Ports worldwide. We build fiber, Wireless Fidelity, LTE and 5G networks.


Industrial cellular modems is the most cost-efficient and scalable method to provide reliable connectivity in industrial networking applications. Large amount of legacy and Industrial IoT infrastructure worldwide requires different methods of connectivity. Robust Industrial Cellular Modems provide numerous cellular connectivity options, ranging from 2G (EGPRS) to 4G LTE Cat 1, LTE Cat-M1 and NB-IoT. The one we have selected are industrial modems which are specifically designed to meet Industrial IoT connectivity.


We deliver programmable M2M gateways designed to connect one device to the Internet. These linux-based and highly functional TRB devices come with industrial networking capabilities and variety of interfaces such as Ethernet, RS232, RS485 or Inputs/Outputs. All our gateways are 4G LTE capable and can be connected to a Remote management system for intuitive and convenient remote monitoring, configuration and control.


The routers that we use are equipped with a variety of wireless and wired connectivity options and technologies which makes them an essential tool to connect people, machines and infrastructure across most market sectors. These routers are engineered to be deployed easily in challenging connectivity scenarios and the operation systems is based on Linux OpenWRT and is one of the most functional router operating systems in the market. We are also provide cellular enterprise routers with dual sim and SFP port and can be used as a backbone of overall networking infrastructure in different settings to connect a variety of different devices. Due to the combination of features makes this router unbeatable when it comes to connectivity among others. The SFP allows connecting a fiber-optic cable directly without any additional converters and reaching high speeds. This option is perfect for settings where speedy connection with high data throughput is a must. In case of any unexpected internet connectivity issues, the duel SIM ensures you that you could stay online. Nowadays, having a backup option in a server room is crucial.


Industrial Ethernet Switches that we use, features industrial-grade reliability, network redundancy, security and easy management. The switches have multiple mounting options for faster and easier installations.