what we do?

Mission Statement

Port-WiFi is a company that is passionately focused on the professional development and implementation of smart tailor-made connectivity solutions for the maritime industry. We want to disrupt the maritime connectivity market for vessels and crew-members/seafarers, when they are in Port or at anchor in territorial waters worldwide.

Smart Communication Solutions for the Shipping Industry

We at Port-WiFi understand the current challenges of business and crew communications.  Shipping owners and companies, would like to see a mix of services that can cover their requirements. Cost efficiency, data throughput and quality of service are very important. Port-WiFi’s modular hybrid system, is a tailored made solution designed to help shipping companies, shipowners, crewmembers or seafearers with these issues.

Port of Antwerp & Rotterdam

We believe that having a good and stable internet connection in the Ports of Belgium and the Netherlands is actually long overdue. Our customers have been in need of a good and affordable connection for far too long. Port-WiFi can help with these problems.

Ports around the world

We aim to offer connectivity solutions to vessels and crew members around the world in Ports or an anchor in territorial waters